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Welcome to REPTILIA

REPTILIA is a magazine specialized in reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods, created in 1995 to serve the growing demands of Spanish-speaking herp enthusiasts around the world.
REPTILIA is currently published in Spanish, German, and English language editions.  The Spanish and English editions are published quarterly.  The English edition has 72 full-color pages.
REPTILIA is edited by a professional staff.  Collaborators include reputable herpetologists from around the world.
REPTILIA is dedicated to sharing reliable information about diverse aspects of herpetofauna including natural history, conservation, responsible captive care and breeding, legislation, cultural importance, and demystification of the world of these often misunderstood animals.  The magazine serves as a valuable connection between professional and amateur herp enthusiasts.  
REPTILIA is aimed at terrarium keepers, breeders, traders, herpetologists, veterinarians, naturalists, and lovers of nature in general.
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PUBLISHER'S NOTICE, 29 October 2012
We are sorry to announce that due to the national and international economic situation and the continuing and increasing drop in subscriptions, advertising, and sales of the English and Spanish editions of Reptilia, we are forced to indefinitely suspend the production of these publications.
Subscribers who wish to know the status of their subscriptions and compensation for any issues due can contact us by e-mail at reptilia@reptilia.net
We would like to thank all subscribers and readers for the support shown for our staff and efforts over the 18 years that we have been present in your homes and in the terrarium hobby.